How to choose the right dining table for your home



It’s no secret that your dining table is central to all of the seasonal celebrations! The largest piece of furniture, setting the mood, style, and is the pulse of the entire dining experience.

If you are updating this year’s dining room or simply changing out an old dining table for something new, you may have found that there are quite a few choices when it comes to dining table types. And how do you know which one suits you?

What type of a frame do you prefer? Which option will most people seat? What table design would better suit my dining room style?

There are so many styles of dining table to pick from, and you probably wonder where to start.

A dining table can be a major investment, so you want to make sure you pick one that fits your style and meets all your hosting needs. To aid, here we break down the various styles of dining table so you can find the one that fits best for you.

Farmhouse Style Dining Table

In general, a farmhouse dining table design is super wide-open, warm and welcoming choice.

This style is perfect to complement a super rustic style and creates an extra cozy atmosphere. It adds a vintage-inspired touch that makes you feel like you have walked into an old country farmhouse, even if you live in a high-rise residence. Farmhouse tables are generally made of rough, solid wood, and are larger in size and very durable

The Advantage: For a more family friendly style, you can pair a farmhouse table with a dining bench, or turn up the elegance with upholstered chairs.

The Ambience: Strong, durable and timeless-this is the dining tables workhouse.

Pedestal Style Dining Table

Pedestal dining tables typically consist of a wide, usually round table top sitting on a single solid leg in the center. They are elegant, architecturally savvy, and clearly useful in a dining room. Instead of one supporting column, few more contemporary choices sit on two legs. They come in a different kind of styles and can blend in with a selection of designs for the dining room.

The Advantage: Pedestal tables hold plenty of platters and can accommodate more people than a rectangular or square table. And in a pinch, you can squeeze more chairs around your table!

The Ambience: Bold, symmetric, and fashionable. In any dining room arrangement these tables will bring fun in functional.


Parsons Style Dining Table

Parsons Dining table is the ideal table for a modern and super sleek style. In a plain, balanced form there is a plethora of incarnations, but it is always characterized by clean angles and straight lines with definitely no frills or decoration. The well ordered silhouette makes them well fit for contemporary or classic interiors.

The Advantage: Pared-down aesthetics make this table amazingly timeless and versatile.

The Ambience: Dress it up to look fancy and dramatic. Dress it down for a plain, laid-back style.

Trestle Style dining table

Trestle dining tables are set with a tabletop that sits on two trestle supports. In the Middle Years, they were very popular and give a timeless style, and the simple look is a usual fit in a lot of dining rooms.

They were designed to be handy and flexible-there were no dedicated dining rooms back then, so dining tables had to be easy to detach, transport, and reassemble. Today these tables remain popular because they are durable, attractive and perfect for hosting large groups.

The Advantage: Trestle tables come in so many styles that no matter what, you will find one that fit with your ornaments.

The Ambience: This is the type of table that lets you think about a festive night of eating, drinking, and celebrations to gather friends and family.

Modern dining table style of the Mid-Century

Mid-Century Modern is the new old favorite style for all and the trend is still intense!

It is a full style of furniture and you can typically spot a middle century modern dining table through its warm natural wood construction and slim, tapered legs. The period’s elegant silhouette and light woods both look polished and natural and bridge the gap between cozy living and aesthetic satisfaction.

The Advantage: A style of furniture arrange for smaller dining rooms during an era when

American families were moving into more citified, smaller spaces, middle century modern furniture is exceptional.

The Ambience: These tables are given a timeless appeal by clear lines, geometrical shapes and simplicity.

Traditional Style Dining Table

A traditional dining table is typically made of solid wood with a high shine varnish. You will usually spot these tables with more decoration and carved features on the legs. You can retain the traditional vibe by combining it with traditional dining chairs, go more farmhouse with upholstered preferences or even play an eclectic feeling by combining various style of chairs.

The Advantage: These tables are spacious and in control, with plenty of guest space. They make a stunning centerpiece and are big enough to call for a massive, stunning chandelier to light up the dining room.

The Ambience: Traditional dining tables are luxurious, extremely flexible and never go out of style.